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The Crafty Puzzle Company is proud to bring you. A selection of Unique Interlocking 3D Wooden Brain Teasers, 3D Jigsaw Puzzles, Skill Games and Toys. 3D Jigsaw Puzzles and Brain Teasers are a great way to pass the time. They can also be used a educational aids for children and adults alike. All of our puzzles are in 3D form and can be used as a display once completed.

Wooden Puzzles

Wooden Puzzles Sets, Wooden Puzzle Models in an array of Designs

Brain Teasers

Brain Teasers of every type, Lock Puzzles, Maze Brain Teasers and Rubiks Cubes

Jigsaw Puzzles

3D Jigsaw Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Difficult and Puzzle Balls

Metal Puzzles

Metal Puzzles, Models, Brain teasers and Construction Sets.
Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Jigsaws and Games
3D Wooden & Metal


A great selection of Traditional Games, Strategy, Building, chess, Wooden and Skill games

3D Puzzles

3D wooden puzzles in various shapes and levels of difficulty

Puzzle Boxes

Japanese Puzzle Boxes and Secret Boxes, testing your ability to Open them
Lock Puzzles Maze Puzzles Rubik Cubes
Flower Cube – Curvy Copter Cube – Magic Cube – Twisty Puzzle – Type Cubikon Lucky Lion
Speed Megaminx black – Magic Speed Cube for Speedcubing – Twisty Puzzle – Type Cubikon Cheeky Sheep – Brain-Teaser
Rubik’s Void
3D Jigsaw Puzzles Brainteaser Jigsaw Puzzles Difficult Jigsaw Puzzles Puzzle Ball
Bulldozer – Handcrafted Wooden Puzzle
Dragon – Handcrafted Wooden Puzzle
Noah’s Ark – Handcrafted Wooden Puzzle
Chess Sets Strategy Board Games Traditional Skill Games Wooden Skill Games
Domino Game Puzzle Game Wooden Rosewood DO2335
Callisto Strategy Game
A Game of Thrones the Board Game: 2nd Edition
3D Wooden Models Wooden Puzzle Sets
Vespa – QUAY Woodcraft Construction Kit FSC
Wooden Angel Fish Construction Kit
Cat – QUAY Woodcraft Construction Kit FSC
3D Metal Models Hanayama Cast Puzzles Metal Brain Teasers Metal Construction Toys Metal Puzzle Sets
Hanayama Horse Puzzle
Mechanical Puzzles keyhole
Hanayama Ring II Puzzle
Japanese Puzzle Boxes Secret Boxes
Handmade Wooden Intarsia TRICK SECRET Dragon art Jewelry Puzzle Box (3210)

Handcrafted and GREAT FOR HIDING GIFT OR CASH This Dragon art shaped...

Handmade Wooden Intarsia TRICK SECRET Sports Car Jewelry Puzzle Box (3415) (g2)

Handcrafted and GREAT FOR HIDING GIFT OR CASH This Sports Car shaped...

Handmade Wooden Intarsia TRICK SECRET Elephant Jewelry Puzzle Box (3207)

Handcrafted and GREAT FOR HIDING GIFT OR CASH This Elephant shaped puzzle...