Which way is the man Facing ? #OpticalIllusion

Can you see which way this man is facing?

It may appear he is looking straight at you – but take a closer look and you may just see him looking the other way.


If you have not seen it yet it was really popular on the internet last year, with the image -created using Photoshop- leaving many confused.

German photographer and artist Tim Wehrle shared the photo on his Instagram page timwehrle  encouraging his followers to share it if they see the illusion.

It’s all about how different people interpret the illusion, with the image receiving over 1,000 likes.

So why does it leave us confused?

Tim Says “What I wanted to achieve with my picture was to create a picture that the viewer has to think about and take his time to figure it out first,” he explained.

“In addition to that, my goal was to publish a unique picture people have to think about and interpret it the way they want to.”

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